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How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer: Everything You Should Know

Car Accident Attorney

irvine Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident and its repercussions can cause you financial, physical, and mental stress. A good car accident attorney can begin to help mitigate your suffering and put your mind at ease about your finances.

However, don’t jump to hire the first car accident attorney you find over the internet or from driving past a billboard. To find the best car accident attorney, consider these valuable tips.


Ask Around

If you want to find a good attorney, ask the people in your life you trust the most. Asking around can save you some time searching. Also, it is nice to get a firsthand account from someone you personally know.

Medical bills aren’t cheap, and a settlement can help alleviate the stress of paying off those bills. The sooner you find a good attorney, the sooner you can focus all your energy on recuperating.

Look for Testimonials

Most attorneys will have the testimonials of former clients available on their websites. For the law firm, it’s a great way to provide glowing reviews of their services. For you, it’s an excellent way to verify that the attorney you want to hire is upstanding, resourceful, and a hard worker.

If the car accident lawyer you’re considering doesn’t have testimonials available online, ask if you can speak with some former clients for testimonials. A law firm’s willingness to provide you with some client reviews is a sign that they have a good track record.


Pick a Car Accident Lawyer Who Has the Right Experience

For something as serious as a car accident, you want someone representing you that has lots of experience with these types of cases. If you can’t find out how long an attorney has been practicing, ask the attorney when you meet.

You may find an attorney you like but they lack experience in personal injury cases involving car accidents. A seasoned car accident lawyer has a better chance of negotiating maximum compensation.

Another bonus of picking an attorney with lots of experience is the likelihood that they’ve handled a case similar to yours. Ask them if they’ve handled a case like yours and what you should expect from it. You should also ask them what kind of compensation they were able to get for those clients.

Run a Background Check

One of the first things you should do is check with state bar associations regarding any attorneys you want to hire. State bar associations host information about attorneys. Also, people can file legitimate complaints through a state bar association for an attorney’s misconduct. In addition, if you can’t find an attorney on your state bar’s website, that person may not be licensed to practice in your state.


Try to Avoid a Jack-of-All-Trades

If you do an online search for a car accident attorney, you’ll get lots of results. Of those results, you should filter out the attorneys that handle multiple areas of law. An attorney that knows multiple areas of law looks good on paper. However, this often means that they spread themselves too thin. Attorneys that specialize in one area of law spend more time handling and learning about that particular area of law.

You should also know that all car accident attorneys are personal injury lawyers, but the reverse isn’t true. A personal injury attorney is a broad term that encompasses a wide area of law.


Pick an Attorney Who Communicates With You

Legal matters are ever-evolving situations. You need to know the developments and how they will impact you as soon as possible. Your attorney should communicate changes and updates to you within a reasonable amount of time.

Attorneys are busy people with multiple clients. There may be times when you’re unable to reach them if you have questions or concerns. However, they should always strive to get back to you before too much time passes.

Your case is about you and what will benefit you the most. Even though an attorney does the legwork to get you results, they are acting on your behalf. They should be communicating with you since this is for your benefit.


Ask About Fees

Some firms/attorneys have fees for services they may charge clients. These services may be beneficial to you, but if not, you may want to look elsewhere for representation.

Also, ask about how your attorney charges for their services. The two most common options for billing are by the hour and contingency fees. Contingency fees are usually better for the client, but there may be other factors that dictate which attorney you select. A contingency fee pay structure ensures clients will not have to pay if their case is not won.


Providing Representation for Accident Law in Irvine

Before you hire a car accident lawyer, you should take your time and research the attorneys you’re thinking about hiring. When you meet with them, ask lots of questions to get a clear picture of how things will proceed. Above all, you should like your attorney, and they should communicate with you about developments in your case.

At Woodbridge Accident Lawyers, we provide representation in many different areas of accident law to the residents of Irvine. Along with car accident law, we also provide services for wrongful death, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and several other areas of law. If you need representation, contact us today to set up a free consultation.


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