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Involved in a Car Accident? 6 Steps to Take Right Now

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Having a plan about what to do after a car accident puts you in the driver’s seat. Knowing these six steps to take following a car accident can mean financial peace of mind. If you were injured in a car accident, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer about your legal options.


1. Check Your Injuries

Exit the vehicle after a car crash. Park your car away from traffic and turn on your hazards. Then call the police. Even if you believe your injuries aren’t serious, always call the police. A police report verifies your car accident.

It might be days or weeks later that your car accident injuries come to light. So if you’re unsure about the state of your injuries, call for medical help. Regrettably, Americans yearly spend nearly one million days in a hospital from vehicle accidents.

Medical response teams can properly diagnose your injuries, and these injuries go into a report. Clearly communicate with the medical team any complaints or pain you are feeling. Insurance providers will review these reports. Any details left out might harm your claim.

If you are well enough, always remain at the car crash scene. If you’re a vehicle accident victim and leave, you jeopardize your personal injury claim. But immediately seek medical attention-even for minor injuries. Your doctor will document these details.


2. Call the Police

After checking for injuries, don’t delay calling the police. Law enforcement has training in handling vehicle accidents. Furthermore, most states require police presence after a car crash. Also, an official police report is critical for getting the compensation you deserve.

Police are also required when property damage exceeds a certain financial amount. But most importantly, police get officially document the car crash with witness and driver statements. Record the policeman’s name and badge number. This report is essential for our expert lawyers to file your claim.

If the at-fault driver refuses to cooperate, a police officer can handle the situation. Above all, a police report helps against potential counterclaims. Not having an official police report opens the door for the other driver to blame you.


3. Exchange Driver Information

Before exchanging driver information, assess the car damage. Thanks to smartphones, you can take photos of car crash damage. Get the driver’s license information, name, license plate number, their phone number, and insurance information.

Remember to get their license plate number and the make of their car. This is also the time to get witnesses’ names and contact information.


4. Contact Your Car Insurance Company

If possible, contact your insurance agency right on the scene. Even better, do it while the officer is there. This way, your insurance company will have accurate details about the vehicle accident.

The officer’s testimony to your insurance agent might work in your claim’s favor. Then, with sufficient information, your insurance agency will begin processing your claim. Depending on the severity of the car crash, the company might send an agent to assess the damage.

Even if the car accident is minor, call your insurance agent. Also, keep in mind that the other driver might call their company. Therefore, your insurance company must be aware of the vehicle accident.

It is bad practice to only rely on the other driver’s word to fix your vehicle. Without your insurance provider knowing, or without a police report, you might have to pay for the repairs. Most insurance companies have stipulations for reporting car crashes. Failure to call within the time frame might jeopardize your injury claim.


5. Call a Car Accident Lawyer

The next vital step is to call a car accident lawyer. Experienced personal injury lawyers provide the following benefits:

  • Guidance throughout your claim
  • Professional and timely communication
  • Handling of paperwork
  • Getting compensation for you


6. Maintain Records

Always maintain your records. Other reports to keep are medical reports, vehicle repair costs, and other bills. Maintaining records is necessary for dealing with insurance providers. These insurance companies might send a representative to investigate. Proper documentation helps you keep your statements straight.

Also, keep records of time missed from work. This financial loss plus documentation of emotional and physical distress bolsters your claim. Your previous pay stubs and direct deposit statements are excellent document resources.

In addition, hold onto any vehicle repair quotes and estimates. These records also work for insurance claims and for our car accident lawyers. Also, maintaining your medical records and prescription costs helps get you financial compensation.


More About What to Do After a Car Accident

At Woodbridge Accident Lawyers, we’re here to help you get compensation. Our professional car accident lawyer will break down the challenges of your case. When we’re on your case, we handle all legal paperwork and discussion with insurance adjusters.

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