5 freeway in irvine

Irvine Pedestrian Bridge Over the 5 Freeway Is Slated for Early 2026

5 freeway in irvine

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail (JOST) Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project

Irvine is known for its abundance of parks, amenities at the Irvine Spectrum, high-end boutiques, and restaurants. However, to get to shops and grocery stores, one typically requires motor vehicle or bicycle transportation. The lack of walkability in this car-dependent city substantially contributes to many issues Irvineites care about most, such as biking and walking improvements.

The City of Irvine and Senator Dave Min are focusing on certain initiatives to improve walkability, such as building more pedestrian bridges. One of these initiatives is the Jeffrey Open Space Trail (JOST) Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project.

According to the Orange County Register, this bridge project aims to complete a critical piece of the JOST trail, a 1.5-mile extension running from Barranca to Interstate 5. The bridge, slated to be completed by early 2026, will link existing bike and pedestrian trails and promote walkable neighborhoods in Irvine. The pedestrian bridge will connect two family-oriented neighborhoods with an extensive park and trail system, including the Great Park and the Coastal Trail Network.


The Pedestrian Bridge Project: Construction and Timeline

  • The City of Irvine and Senator Dave Min hosted a groundbreaking for the JOST Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project, marking the start of construction.
  • The project received $14.5 million in funding from the 2021-2022 State of California budget.
  • The coming JOST bridge extension is expected to be completed by early 2026 and will be open for public use.


JOST Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Design

  • The Irvine Pedestrian Bridge will span Interstate 5, the Caltrans Park & Ride parking lot, and Walnut Avenue.
  • The planned bridge will be almost 1,200 feet long and feature a 15-foot-wide enclosed walkway.
  • The bridge will feature a lighting scheme to provide a safe and welcoming environment for users. It will feature an LED deck and accent lighting at night.


Irvine’s Initiatives to Help Improve Walkability

irvine business complex

The City of Irvine is committed to initiatives, including building Irvine’s longest bridge, the JOST bridge, that will help make the city more walkable.

The JOST bridge will provide a safe and convenient route for Irvine residents, cyclists, walkers, and dog owners to travel over the 5 Freeway. There is more information about JOST and project updates on the City of Irvine’s website.

Jamboree-Michelson Pedestrian Bridge Project

Another initiative, the Jamboree-Michelson Pedestrian Bridge Project, was recently approved by the Irvine City Council. The 175-foot-long bridge would connect the Park Place campus and the Central Park West condominiums at Jamboree Road and Michelson Drive. Construction is slated to be completed by June 2027.

This bridge is expected to help improve the flow of traffic on Jamboree, a frequently congested road in Irvine. Irvine City Councilmember Larry Agran is partnering with the city on this initiative. He envisions a thriving Irvine Business Complex with walkable neighborhoods and streets.


Irvine Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Statistics


Pedestrian Safety Tips

pedestrian crosswalk in irvine

  1. Use Crosswalks and Intersections: Always cross streets at designated crosswalks and intersections where drivers expect pedestrians. Avoid jaywalking and crossing between parked cars.
  2. Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions: Keep your attention on your surroundings. Avoid using your phone or wearing headphones while walking near traffic to stay aware of approaching vehicles.
  3. Follow Traffic Signals: Obey all traffic signals and pedestrian signs. Wait for the walk signal at intersections, and do not cross until it is safe.
  4. Make Eye Contact with Drivers: Ensure drivers see you before crossing in front of them.
  5. Wear Bright Clothing: Especially in low light or poor weather conditions, wear bright or reflective clothing to increase your visibility to drivers.
  6. Walk Facing Traffic: When there are no sidewalks, walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. This allows you to see vehicles approaching.


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